Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pesky Little Critters....

Rainy season brings with it all kinds of fun looking bugs. Some of them are enjoyable... the butterfly, some are annoying: the flying termite and pincher bugs, and some lay you flat out! I caught a cold the other week and while my defenses were down but rebounding... I most likely ingested a nasty bug. I spent the better part of a week in bed. Didn't have much strength to do anything. I called Teresa late one evening to bring me some antibiotics and to get me on the mend. In the past it has only taken a day or so after the antibiotics are started to start feeling better. This time it took a few days longer. I am praising God that I am better and each day I have a bit more strength. I may even try going to Njufen tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers, they are an encouragement, especially in times like this.

Monday, August 6, 2007

What a Morning!

Ever have one of those days? I woke up this morning knowing it was going to be a tough one. My cold isn't better. I set out to do what needed to be done.

The snake has died. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. The neighbors just hate that I have kept it thus far.

In preparation for the return of my coworkers, I called Joanne's houseworker to come clean. Boy, will she be glad I did. Lizard droppings were everywhere. I also started up her refrigerator. Not an easy task. I think the thing wants to die on us. Not good. But after much prayer and many start up attempts, a lot of sweat (that isn't hard to come by here) it finally started! PTL!! I put some water in her frig and freezer so she will have something cold when she gets home. I also measured a space for a bookcase. I had volunteered to do that when I returned last week. Opps, I apologised for my lateness.

Returning to my place to rest a bit, the effects of this cold have sapped my strength, the guard came to my door because someone had brought a siezing child to the gate. Now, everyone knows the clinic is closed. However, not one of our employees were in town to help this little one out. Thankfully, I was able to get a set of keys for the clinic and all though things were put away, I could do some rudimentary assesments for a fitting child and the medications were in the same place they were a year ago. Every thing came back to me. I called one of our drivers to come drive the child and family to Essau, our referal hospital. By the time the driver arrived I had given the child shots to stop the seizure, and for Malaria, the most likely cause. I couldn't check the blood because all the microscopes were packed away and I don't know where they put them. The child was stable when they left and I was able to pray quickly with the grandmother caretaker who is a believer.

Now, I am ready to start my day. : ) Praise God he goes before us!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

August Greetings

I am having a hard time believing that it is already August 5th. Yet part of me is looking forward to the 7th. I have been the only missionary in NK for the past two weeks. On Tuesday my co workers will be returning. I have enjoyed the time out here by myself. I have spent time with my neighbors and studying the language. I did go into Banjul for a four day trip which turned into five because of the rain. The traveling to and from was fun as I took local transport. I remember sitting in the back of the van thinking... how many people will it take to fill this thing? The answer that day was 29 adults, four children and a baby. We were packed in so tight I had the thought, "no wonder why so many service when these vehicles flip, you are crammed in so tight, there is no place for your body to go." It lead to a prayer for safety.

I was looking for some sweet time with friends this weekend, but I have a cold. Not just an annoyance of a cold, but the kind that knocks ya flat and you can't raise your head. I have managed to stay awake enough to speak to the guards each day. They stop by to make sure I am okay. I definately am not up to a walk in the sun. I have read a little and slept a lot. I think God is giving me a few days rest to rebuild my strength.

Rainy season has arrived full force now. In fact, last night we had a good storm. Watch out for something along the coast say on the 10th of August. The temperatures haven't dropped and the humidity continues to be a bother. As of yet I haven't heard of any houses falling and the farmers are thrilled with the rain for their crops.

I am conducting an experiment with a snake that I found in my house. He has survived without food and water for over three weeks. Scary, if a baby snake can survive that long, what about an adult snake? Ugh, this past Friday another snake braved my house. Also a baby snake. This one is not going to be an experiment. He met with my watchman and a stick. The stick won and the watchman won my deep gratitude. Two snakes in one month is a bit much for me. God is giving me strength to walk through the house. He is giving me peace to sleep at night. I am praying he doesn't bring me another snake.