Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Packed Full Three Months...

I can't believe it has been three months since my last BLOG. Okay, I can. I know I haven't gone on Blogger.

I left The Gambia in the middle of June. The rains had just started. The clinic was closed until my return the second week of August.

I arrived safely in the US and was met at the airport by Darlene Gabler. We first met in candidate school. Darlene is a church planting assistant in Mexico City, Mexico. It was such a blessing that God allowed us to meet up. Darlene drove me from Baltimore to Harrisburg. What a friend! We had a great visit as we shared what God has been doing in Mexico and The Gambia.

My first assignment in the US was to attend the Medical Mission Interface at ABWE. My goal was to present The Gambia to recruit individuals willing to come out for short term stints, 2 weeks to a year or two. I had a great time at the meeting. I praise God for the many contacts made and the one who is coming out in October.

This summer was full of many special blessings. One such blessing occurred at MMI. I was able to be present when Dr Irene Alyn, Dr Lois Baker, and Dr Caroline Carlson received an award for their volunteer service with ABWE in Medical Missions. Drs Alyn and Baker were two of my instructors when I attended Cedarville University. What a special opportunity to be able to be present.

After my meetings at ABWE, I went to see an Endocrinologist for my blood sugar problems. It was very interesting. I had a LOT of blood work done, both before the appointment and afterwards. I returned a month later for my follow-up appointment and heard a lot about what I don't have. It was fun to ask the doctor, "but what do I have?" The answer: Reactive Hypoglycemia. The treatment: a diet of protein and good carbs (just a bit). He suggested taking a prescription over with me, that would help if the really low blood sugars returned. I am thrilled that God has seen to it that my blood sugars have stabilized again. I have been to the store to buy supplies for a meter as well as the prescription. I was a bit blown away with the cost of things. Praise God He isn't caught by surprise.

My time in Harrisburg finally came to an end. My sister and nephew drove up from West Virginia to take me to the mountians. The last 7 miles included 45 turns at a 9% grade incline. My ears popped 15 times. I was sure I was going to have altitude sickness. The Gambia is just above sea level; the mountains are beautiful though. (After you get rid of the road induced nausea.) The stars were very nice, but they are beautiful and so bright in Ndungu Kebbeh.

I enjoyed my time with my sister. My parents came up for a visit. It was great to see them again. I was able to go to a wedding in Jamestown, New York. I made a whirlwind trip. It was great to see the folks at First Baptist Church Cherry Creek. Thank you for letting me share.

I returned to my sister's new home to help her prepare for her daughter's wedding that would be the 2nd of August in Schroon Lake. I also prepared to return to The Gambia. Then it was time to head to the Adirondacks. I got to see a lot of mountains this trip. Jessica and her fiance traveled over from Ohio and met us there. We had a great week preparing for the wedding.

The wedding was officiated by Pastor Herrmann from a supporting church in Thurman, NY. It was great being able to see so many supporters. Thanks for your prayers.

As I prepare to return to The Gambia I am excited about what God has been doing this summer. A few weeks ago I received the news that the Lippy family will be returning to The Gambia in three weeks. God is good! Pray for the Lippy's as they prepare to return to The Gambia and start language school.

I am looking forward to having a short term visitors from America throughout the Fall. I have volunteers lined up for 2-6 week stints now through the first of November. Pleasae pray God would send help in November as well.

Thanks for your prayer and your encouragment. I am sorry I didn't get to see many of you.